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  • 48" - 54" Boom mounted (ditch / bank) flail mower with SHIPPING INCLUDED to freight terminal

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    54" HD in stock now 

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    • Standard 3 point Category 1 & 2 hitch mount.
    • 48" Designed for 30-50 PTO HP tractors with a minimum working weight of 3400 lbs (tractor and loader)
    • 54" Designed for 40-85 PTO HP tractors with a minimum working weight of 5000 lbs (tractor and loader)
    • Pivot up to 60° down and 90° up
    • These flail mowers are designed for cutting grass & weeds, with optional Hammer Blades they are great for mulching tree prunings and roadside applications
    • 48" has inboard mounted gear box, 54" has outboard mount for increased reach and decreased PTO shaft angle
    • Reversible Grass Y blades with Precise blade overlap (standard on 48", optional on 54)
    • Hammer Mulching Blades to Pulverize up to 2" Material (standard on 54"/ optional on 48")
    • Adjustable finished cutting height (rear full width Roller &  side skid shoes)
    • Full width front chain guards
    • 4.5" Balanced Rotor and Shaft, driven by 3 v-belts, 14" blade swing
    • Comes with Standard 6 Spline 540 rpm PTO Shaft.
    • Overrunning clutch built in to gear box.
    • Reinforced 8 (0.1644") gauge housing, 1/4" thick side plates (54")
    • 48"weighs 675 lbs / 54" weighs 1100 lbs
    • 48" has 40 Y blades or 20 optional hammers
    • 54" has 24 hammers or 48 optional Y blades 
    • 1 year warranty
    Optional hammer set for 48"- $320 
    Installation of hammers plus $200

    The flail mower gets its name from the use of "flails" attached to its rotating horizontal shaft, As the shaft rotates, centrifugal force pushes the flails outward. The mower is easy to attach to the back of a tractor using the three-point hitch and is driven by the PTO. The "Y" shaped standard flails are intended to cut and mulch grass and weeds, you can upgrade to "hammers" for heavier duty operations such as mulching brush and roadside applications.
    Flail mowers are able to cut tall grass and are good at mulching and evenly distributing the clippings over the width of the mower, they are able to withstand impact with debris as the blades are able to tuck back. They are also unlikely to pick up and throw debris.
    Looking for a better way to cut the ditch bank, this side arm pivoting verge flail will make it look great. Works just like normal flail pulled directly behind the tractor & with the optional hammer blades it mulches up to 2" diameter material. Cat-I 3-Pt w/6-Spline PTO Driveline included. Balanced Rotor shaft. Rear Roller with adjustable cutting height. 

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