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  • Flail Mower 48" - 78" with SHIPPING INCLUDED to freight terminal

    There are only 2 items left in stock.
    There are only 2 items left in stock.
    There are only 2 items left in stock.




        • Standard 3 point Category 1 & 2 hitch mount.
        • 48" Cutting width designed for 16-30 PTO HP tractors
        • 64" Cutting width designed for 25-45 PTO HP tractors
        • 78" Cutting width designed for 30-65 PTO HP tractors
        • These flail mowers are designed for cutting grass & cover crops, with optional Hammer Blades they are great for mulching tree prunings and roadside applications
        • Reversible Grass Y blades with Precise blade overlap
        • optional Hammer Mulching Blades to Pulverize up to 3" Material.
        • Adjustable finished cutting height (rear full width Roller &  side skid shoes)
        • Full width front chain guards
        • 4.25" Balanced Rotor Shaft, driven by 3 v-belts(48" & 64") 4 v-belts(78"), 14" blade swing
        • Comes with Standard 6 Spline 32” 540rpm PTO Shaft.
        • Overrunning clutch built in to gear box.
        • Reinforced 3/16" housing, 1/4" thick side plates
        • 48"weighs 485 lbs / 64" weighs 765 lbs / 78" weighs 826 lbs + weight of PTO shaft 27lbs
        • 48" cut mower is 55" overall, 64" cut mower is 71" overall, 78" cut mower is 86" overall
        • 48" has 40 Y blades or 20 optional hammers
        • 64" has 56 Y blades or 28 optional hammers
        • 78" has 64 Y blades or 32 optional hammers
        • 1 year warranty
        Optional hydraulic side shift kits $700 + $200 installation 
        Optional manual hand crank side shift kits $600 + $200 installation 
        Optional hammer sets for 48"- $320  /  64" - $448  /  78" - $512
        Installation of hammers plus $200

    30 DAY MONEY BACK GUARANTEE* see terms section of website for full details. 


    The flail mower gets its name from the use of "flails" attached to its rotating horizontal shaft, As the shaft rotates, centrifugal force pushes the flails outward. The mower is easy to attach to the back of a tractor using the three-point hitch and is driven by the PTO. The "Y" shaped standard flails are intended to cut and mulch grass and weeds, you can upgrade to "hammers" for heavier duty operations such as mulching brush and roadside applications. Flail mowers are able to cut tall grass and are good at mulching and evenly distributing the clippings over the width of the mower, they are able to withstand impact with debris as the blades are able to tuck back. They are also unlikely to pick up and throw debris.


    ROTOR TYPE: Dual row helical / spiral blade arrangement reduces vibration and lowers power requirement from your tractor for a smoother easier cut. This feature is unique to a mower in this price range and is usually only found on considerably more expensive mowers. Precision balanced to reduce vibration and bearing wear. 


    The rotor turns the opposite direction of the wheels of the tractor when traveling forward. This allows the blades to shear the material as it is folded forward by the mowers housing. The material is then thrown up and over the rotor where it is thoroughly mulched before being evenly discharged across the rear of the mower.


    PRECISION BLADE OVERLAP: The blades are offset throughout the dual row helical arrangement providing zero gaps in the mowing area, this provides a uniform cut.


    BLADE TYPES: Reversible Y-blades or Hammers. Reversible "Y" blades are mounted in pairs and are ideal for cutting and mulching grass and weeds. "Y" blades will provide the best quality cut and efficient mulching of grass & weeds. Hammers are mounted in place of 2 "Y" blades and 2 spacers and are made from forged steel weighing 27 oz. each. Hammers are designed for cutting and shredding brush and saplings up to 3" diameter and as well can be used for grass and weeds. 

    NUMBER OF BLADES: The 48" mower uses 40 "Y" blades or 20 hammers, the 64" mower uses 56 "Y" blades or 28 hammers, the 78" mower uses 64 "Y" blades or 32 hammers.
    CUTTING WIDTH and OVERALL WIDTH: To keep things simple our advertised size is the actual cutting width, overall width is 7" larger on the 48" & 64" mowers and 8" larger on the 78" mower. 
    WEIGHT:  48" weighs 485 lbs / 64" weighs 765 lbs / 78" weighs 826 lbs + weight of PTO shaft 27lbs
    BLADE SPEED: Rotor speed of 2200 RPM produces blade tip speed of 88 mph (130 ft./sec) to efficiency keep cutters standing out under centrifugal force and cleanly cut material.


    PTO & GEARBOX: The same cast iron 540 RPM gear box rated to 65 HP is used on all size mowers 48", 64", and 78" with built in over-running clutch that allows you stop your PTO while the gearbox and rotor shaft slow down gradually. This feature reduces stress to the gearbox and your tractor by preventing the rotor from slamming to a sudden stop and transferring its energy back through the gear box, PTO shaft and your tractors transmission. A standard 1-3/8" 6 spline PTO shaft is included with each mower.